Exploring the Depths with the Explorer LD: A Game-Changer in Sewer Inspection


Welcome to the world of high-tech sewer inspection! Today, we’re diving into the details of the Explorer LD by Inspector Cameras, a tool that’s revolutionizing underground pipe inspection.

What Makes the Explorer LD Stand Out?

  1. Designed for Long-Distance Inspection: The Explorer LD features a rigid cable, reducing the “snaking” effect in pipes, making it ideal for lengthy underground sewer inspections. It’s particularly effective in 4″ or larger pipes
  2. Self-Leveling Camera: This innovative feature ensures that the camera stays upright, providing consistent, clear images regardless of the pipe’s orientation.
  3. Advanced Sonde Option: For an additional cost, the Explorer LD can be equipped with a built-in 512Hz Sonde. This adds a powerful dimension to your inspection capabilities, allowing for precise location tracking.
  4. Robust Build and High-Quality Imaging: The camera boasts a stainless steel, self-leveling head and an IP 68 waterproof rating, ensuring durability in harsh environments. With a 1.5″ diameter, it fits into most pipes and offers 1080p Full HD recording on a 10” color monitor.
  5. User-Friendly Features: A 32 GB SD card for video and image storage, an onscreen distance counter with a keyboard, and a built-in microphone enhance the user experience. Plus, its portability is ensured with a rechargeable battery that comes with both wall and car chargers.
  6. Toolkit Included: The Explorer LD comes with a handy toolkit, making it ready for immediate use in the field.

Pricing and Availability

Priced at $3,535.00, the Explorer LD is a significant investment in your inspection arsenal. However, its advanced features and robust design make it a valuable asset for any professional involved in sewer inspection and maintenance.

The Explorer LD is not just a camera; it’s a comprehensive solution for intricate and demanding sewer inspection tasks. Its combination of advanced features and durable design make it an indispensable tool for professionals who demand accuracy, efficiency, and reliability in their work​​.

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