Who We Are

For 20 years, we have been in the home inspection business. Several years ago, we opened a septic inspection company. It started by inspecting private septic systems, opening septic tanks, and hand excavating leach fields to determine the overall condition. As the business grew, we expanded by offering sewer scoping of underground sewer lines connected to public sewer systems. Like all businesses, we had to be careful of our equipment investments. Through our search, we discovered that sewer inspection cameras were prohibitively expensive. It was then that we decided to start InspectorCameras.com. We saw a need for cost-effective septic and sewer cameras that get the job done without breaking the budget.

Our Inspection Cameras

We offer inspection cameras for plumbing professionals, home inspectors, septic system professionals, building maintenance technicians, and chimney sweeps. Each drain camera system is unique but also shares some basic features. We work with our customers to help you decide on the correct combination of features for your target market. By purchasing your sewer inspection cameras from inspectorcameras.com, you will get technical support and advice from a company in the field using this equipment.

A Word about Quality

We have personally toured the factories producing our sewer inspection cameras, and we saw state-of-the-art manufacturing procedures, climate-controlled clean rooms, and rigorous quality control and testing. The way we look at it, a camera system that is 2 to 5 times more expensive than what we are offering may have better quality… Perhaps not. We do know this, our sewer inspection cameras work, and they are cost-effective. All cameras come with a limited warranty against manufacturers’ defects. Camera warranty service and any repairs are performed by factory-trained technicians here in the USA. There is no need to ship the cameras overseas for any issues.