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With our rugged drain & sewer equipment that is cost-effective and gets the job done!

Crosswind Home Inspection using the Scout 3-Pro Red 35

Our equipment provides value for your company. Faster payback of your capital investment brings you more profits.

Our main products are modular, unlike other companies, which allows you to save more money and time.

Our well-trained Customer Support team is available during business hours to answer technical questions or provide product selection assistance for all products.




Our Service Technicians ensure your equipment gets the best maintenance and repair when needed. It is our goal to have a 24-hour repair turnaround time to keep your business up and running.

Reviews From the Field

What our customers have to say.

George Can Fix It Inc. – Plumbing & Drain

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I have to say for the money you just can’t beat it [Scout 3-Pro Red 35]. 512HZ Sonde and self-leveling. Perfect for 2-4” lines. Wireless keyboard and overall super easy to use.

BPI Home Inspections

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Great customer service and overall sewer inspection knowledge. Scout 3-Pro is a great camera for our inspection company as we have 3 of them.

ProTec Inspection Services

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Excellent customer service and response. This camera has done wonders for us in conducting residential sewer scope inspections here in the DMV area. Would highly recommend this company and its products to anyone in the sewer scope inspection industry.

James and Elvia Williams are owners of a multi-inspector firm, Your Time Home Inspection, located in San Antonio, Texas. James and his team of inspectors use our sewer camera equipment regularly. We caught up with James at a recent conference, and this is what he had to say!

We support our customers and their businesses with durable and cost-effective equipment!

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